May 18, 2020


For the last couple of months, we have been reevaluating our solution, based on a lot of customer feedback, targeted surveys with employees of 100+ companies who are using our product, and feedback from mentors and advisors. We were going with an approach that everybody needs our product, which is like we were trying to boil the ocean.

Our idea behind the name – WhatElse, are typical questions we ask – What else I am missing for this meeting or call? What else I should be knowing about this person I am about to meet or call? Though the idea is grand, the name was a bit confusing for few. So, we are now rebranding. For those of you, who do not know – OAYAW is pronounced like WOW, and stands for One App You Always  Wanted, our vision to make an app that you always wanted!

Throughout all these efforts of searching for that ideal customer, we did not stop innovating on the product. We are glad to find not one, but 3 types of unique customers who would love our product. COVID-19 lockdowns have made few prospects, whom we had pitched long back, reach out to us for a fresh trial of the product, and that also triggered new partnerships and integrations! So, exciting times ahead! We will be closing this site soon. If you would like to be in the know about our upcoming product refresh with new branding, leave your email below!     

For existing customers, you would have got a mail from us about data migration and continuity plans and a hugely discounted offer. We will make sure the transition to new product will be smoother. For a few of our free users, who have given us a lot of feedback, you would have got a mail with a link for data migration and an insane offer to migrate.

See you soon on our next app,
- WhatElse Team