Why WhatElse?

Ever been approached by a person you're doing business with but don't remember his/her name? Or what's the latest quote you sent? Or when is his/her birthday? We've all been there, multiple times!

Every email, call, text, and meeting are about building better relationships with people. It can be either with a customer you're trying to close a deal with or someone you're socializing with.

Whatever the case is, communication is the key to any success but... there's a bigger problem when talking about how to keep the conversation active and engaging; retention.

We're exposed to brutal quantities of information daily and keeping up is extremely difficult (especially if we're communicating with multiple people for a living).

Not only there are tons of important things to remember to keep things interesting, but we also have multiple channels to communicate with people, which introduces a second problem; traceability.

"Where did I store that last quote? What was the last email I sent to this person? Did I even send the email I said I was going to send? Which email account this I use?"

Sound familiar? Well, it happens to everybody and that is a real deal-breaker; this is why we created WhatElse!

Our mobile app helps you (and your business) integrate your favorite apps into a single user experience/platform for you to fetch information when you most need it from wherever you stored it!

Currently, we integrate +30 platforms that include CRM, Cloud Storage Services, Email Providers, Customer Support Apps, Workflow Management, and much more! If we don’t currently integrate an app you need, our development team can make it happen in no time.

We want to make people like you more productive. If any of these situations make your life harder in any way, we'd be happy to help you.

Scheduling a demo is completely free, just click here.

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